KIXS was founded and has grown on the premise of doing something different; the creation of retail spaces where our guests are welcomed as family.

Our associates are the heart and soul of that family, and personify what KIXS represents. They live and breathe the #KIXSlife. This is why they will be the heart and soul of the next generation of our product assortment.

The KIXS Inspired collection of brands are as unique as the members who have driven their creation.


The spirit of innovation: thinking big, starting small, and learning fast inspires Twenty to Seven.

While on the grind to carve your individualistic path in life, use style as your expression. Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Timeless. This is Twenty to Seven.

SABZ is inspired by a rebellious spirit that influences the influencers.

It is for the woman who views every day as a fashion show, and uses the world as her runway.

Meet Sabrinna

Fashion sits at the intersection of music, arts, and culture.

Creators have the confidence to blaze new trails, and make their own statement. They are the leaders of the pack. This is WLVS.

Meet JD

Every wardrobe needs its reliable, go to pieces. But staples don’t need to be basic. Willem Jean Non Blanc hits the right balance between approachable and adventurous.

Jefe - n. A boss in a business, company, or other organization. Borrowed from Spanish jefe ("leader or boss")

“The only time I set the bar low is for a limbo competition”

Meet Jeff