What's the story behind WLVS? It's a story from one of our very own, rooted employees... JD.

JD was once an inspiring graffiti artist, growing up he chased the thrill of long nights and aerosol scents through out his summer breaks and the rush that came with it. After painting he would usually have fingers coated in multiple colours where he would wipe his hand off on his jeans, creating a smear. This exact smear is used to indicate the fits we are creating today in WLVS.

JD started at KIXS in 2010, upon his first shift he was sent home due to his appearance from the night before.

As wild as that sounds, it gets crazier. In 2013 JD toured across Canada and western Canada twice, in 2014 JD was uprooted from Calgary to move to Toronto as he signed a deal with a record label. Long story short, the hype on the "6" isn't all it's cracked up to be, as the free spirited animal didn't catch the vibe there and came back west almost immediately. Being at the cross roads of fashion and music he has always stood out for his style and energy, having WLVS as a platform he is able to create a visual and wearable feel to his inspirations. 

You'll see forms of rock 'n roll, hip-hop, spray paint, modern art and even travel incorporated into his brand for true inspired by line, one season might be an ode to modern art where the next one may be taken from music and so fourth.